This probably isn't a good idea is it?

Met this guy online. He's very nice, attractive, intelligent, and we have quite a bit in common. Though he's five years older than me, which i don't mind I've always been attracted to older guys and he's said it doesn't bother him either. But i am under 18 so that may cause problems.

Also i can't tell if he is actually interested in me, he says he is but barley talks to me, and when he does seems indifferent/uninterested in everything. Not sure if this is me reading into it to much, or if i just have a preconceived notion about what someone being interested should be like.

I want it to work but i'm not even sure how it would. One my parents do not allow me to date and we live somewhat far away from eachother. Also i'm not sure if i like him that much, sometimes i really do others i'm pretty indifferent about it too.


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  • Yeah it's not a good idea..

    • yeah, that's what I thought. Thank you.

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  • High five, I've been trough this too. Just stop talking with him., if he will still wrote you, then he cares about you. * If he sends emojis or something short it doesn't count *. But if I were in your "shoes" I would stop talking to him.

    • Yeah i probably should, but even if we didn't date he's a good friend. But ehh I don't know meeting people online makes everything complicated

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  • its sounds like what he is interested in, isn't whats between your ears...

    • well he's never said anything about that and is generally respectful, though he could have different motives

  • Firstly, you met this guy online. Secondly, have you talked to him in person. Thirdly your not even finished with puberty yet. Do not do this mainly because you do not know who this man is in reality.

    • We planned on meeting sometime this month or next and i was going to bring a friend along with me so we're not alone just in case.

      But very good point, people lie all the time and it's very easy to do over the internet.

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    • Offer suggestion on where to find those type. You know what nvm OP.

    • Eh i'm not to worried about it really, just didn't want to waste my time on this guy if people thought it was a bad idea. Dating in general doesn't concern me to much. Thanks anyways dude.

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