Have you ever dated football player at university? Or any football players want to share their opinion on relationships?

I am a university cheerleader and on the last mixed social with varsity football team, the captain of football team started talking to me and brought me some drinks, and we talked a lot, then he just walked me to my dorm without talking about sex. He texted me three days later, and we has good chats via text as well. On the last football match, he asked me out on a date. I am about to go on this date soon. I think he is very attractive and we had fun talking. I am super excited for the date but at the same time I am afraid that he doesn't want a serious relationship.
So I guess what I'm asking is that has anyone had any experience dating a football player? (Or football players what do you think of relationships)

  • Football player are just as nice as anybody
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  • Most football player are not looking for relationships, but some of them are nice
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  • Football player are most likely to be players
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What Guys Said 2

  • i did play football with a girl on bed

  • Football players get a bad rap that's undeserved due to the jealousy of beta males and fat feminists ( the hot feminists have no problem)


What Girls Said 1

  • In my country we don't have American football but I guess it's like our number one sport no?
    If so, majority of player are nice.

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