Am I overreacting or is my girlfriend?

My girlfriend & I have been together almost a year. She is loving, devoted & kind. My daughter loves her. She looks at me like I'm her Prince Charming, tells me I'm wonderful all of the time. She's patient, she has a great sense of humour.

We've been talking marriage & I'm not sure I'm ready. I've been stressing about it. She wants to move in together when her lease is up in the summer. I don't know if I want to, but I told her yes because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Then I found out she was talking about us to her friends & some of her coworkers & posting stuff about us on social media. She didn't say anything terrible, just stuff you would tell a friend & she associates with some people outside of work, so she claims she just talked about stuff like you would normal friends. But I'm really pissed as I'm a private guy. I told her I needed space & I haven't talked to her since & have no plans to talk to her because I'm so mad. She's visibly upset at work (I feel like she's overreacting) & She apologized & offered to be more mindful, but this kind of makes me wonder if we are compatible. But she hasn't tried to talk to me outside of her apology & offer to be more mindful. Should I try to work this out? Or are we just too different? I mean, if she can't respect this issue, how can we live together?


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  • I am not saying this because I am a girl but the fact that you are angry with her because she spoke about your relationship. You should've explained to her that you are a private person but in a relationship we like to talk about the one we love and of the one our world revolves around, you can't always stop it. I feel like you overreacted and need to apologize. Your girlfriend is the sense of stability your daughter may also need. At least she is trying to fix things when you should have. She clearly shows respect for it otherwise she wouldn't have apologized. Don't lose her because she told people how lucky and happy she is with you.


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