1st dating aftermath... need ur opinion?

He found me online, we decided to meet in a few days.
We sms on whats up and he always responded fast and asked many questions...
Before the day of meeting we decided place and time...
Meeting went well, and we went to his place. In the morning he left early, kissed me slightly in cheeck and said "i go to work" and literally left me alone ay his house. I slept a bit more and wtoke up, door was open, so i left.
In a day he wrote me "hi, how r u... are you free next week? (It was 5 days ago)

I said that yes i am free... And this was delivered to him, but he didn't read, and didn't answer anything after that... Was silent for all 5 days..
Should i still wait for him to write me next week (tomorrow) or forget?
He not that into me or?


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  • Sounds like he is looking for some tail to chase rather than a serious relationship. If your into him, message to see whats up. If he doesn't respond, then move on.

    In the mean time, i wouldn't close any door to other dates

    • I dont usuually sms giys 1st until i know his feelinngs for me...
      So i just want to knw if i should wait or forget... kinda strabge behavioour he have

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