I have a date in 2 days, but I don't know if I can do it? I don't know how to do this :( ?

I'm 21, he's 25. We met online. We've been talking for 2 months, and snap chatted so I know he's real. He seems like a genuinely great guy (and super attractive, which is making me even more nervous... Muscular, tall, dark, gorgeous..)

I don't know how to do it or if I can. I know it's all in my head, but I'm already super nervous and it's in 2 days still. My last and first relationship was a disaster. He turned manipulative, mean, jealous, angry, and cheated on me throughout without me knowing until the end. He was my first everything.. I gave him my all, and it blew up in my face. Granted, it's been 4 months since we've broken up, and I am over him and think he's disgusting. At the end I was AFRAID of him because of his anger outbursts that started to be directed at me. And then he cheated on me repetively.

In the past 4 months I've only hooked up with one guy twice.. And he ended up hurting me more. I feel like I only know how to give my body and nothing else personal. I can't let anyone in, I think it's all a waste, I don't buy anything anyone says anymore... I feel like everything is for nothing... And I'm so afraid. But I don't want to say no to this guy because he seems truly great. I know I want to be happy and have someone in my life, but I don't know how to do it anymore or if I can. I keep thinking about seeing this guy for the first time and having dinner and it freaks me out because a year ago I was in the same place with a guy who really broke me.


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  • If your doing the same steps thats going to make you fall then don't do it.

    I once broke a girl's heart. You'll never know what type of guy will enter your world. Prince Charming or the Executioner. You see im a blunt person, and I don't consider myself an a-hole. But for that girl... I made a selfish decision that turned her heart black.


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