I think she's into me but its hard to tell. If she is, how should I proceed?

Sometimes I'll catch her staring in class, and she laughs unusually more than most people. Pays attention when we talk, etc. I've known her all 4 years of high school, but we never really started talking until this year. Are these good signs she is mutually into me? If so, how should I proceed? Thanks!


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  • Ask her out immediately! Don't fear the outcome. It might go well, it might not, but the odds are that it will, and if it won't, no biggie.

    • This is an almost-certain sign to me that she's into you. There was a cue girl who liked me in high school who did this exact same kind of thing, and I was a social moron. I didn't pick up on it, I just thought it was weird that she was laughing at so many things I was saying that weren't even funny, playing with her hair a lot, watching me skate at the half-pipe all the time. It's like it couldn't be any more obvious, but I never did anything about it, and find out later, after it was too late, that she really liked me and was disappointed that I never asked her out.

      So don't do what I did. Go ask her out, just keep it light and fun.