Do you still have your comfort item from childhood?

I haven't really told many people in my circle, and it's kind of embarrassing to me. But I still have my blankie from when I was a kid.

I know it might sound bad or strange to some people. But honestly it gives me comfort. I tend to get lonely a lot and it's comforting to have it next to me when I am sleeping.

I've had chances to get rid of it, but I decided to keep it around. I don't bring it with me if I am staying out of town or on a trip. But I did take it with me to college :) It just seems to comfort me when I am having a hard time or feeling down.

I've never out right told anyone about it. I'm too scared to for fear they will judge me. I am 25 years old.

I've never even told any of my bf's that I have it. One ex boyfriend might know because I lived with him and hid it under my pillow. But I'm sure he has seen it before. But he never said anything about it.

Does anyone else have their comfort item. Like a security blanket or favourite toy that they had as a kid that they carry with them now?

Would it bother you in a relationship if your partner still had their comfort item?


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  • My teddy bear, Mimi, is in my dresser.


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  • No. I gave everything away to the regional orphanhouse.

  • whats a comfort item :-/

    • Like a blankie or a stuffed toy that you have had since childhood.

    • do these things really exist? i thought that happens only in movies or cartoons. i had none. and my sisters had none. and no person that i know had any.

    • It totally happens in real life. I know a few people who had them as kids

  • No unless the "item" is worn so much that it's digusting.


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