Is my boyfriend embarrassed by me?

My boyfriend is lovely and always treats me well. However, I am worried he might be embarrassed by me. I am considered a bit weird and socially anxious... the complete opposite of him. He is very sociable and has tonnes of friends. He is also considered a jock. Hence, when he doesn't 'show me off'... I wonder if this is due to his embarrassment of me or just him being private about his relationship (he is the private type tbf). I have hung out with his family and close friends... but he hasn't really introduced me to his wider social circle yet. He has told his friends we are dating so why is he taking so long to introduce us? by the way, I am his first ever proper girlfriend.


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  • My ex was socially awkward and weird. He was nothing like my friends. But I loved him he met all of them. The only reason not to introduce someone in my world is cheating. But before you jump to that try talking to him about it.