Why do I always think so negative?

Why do I always feel like my boyfriend doesn't care about me? Why do I always feel like he's gonna get bored of me and go onto someone else like he's going to find someone better? I feel like I always need to be reassured that him (and other people) actually care about me. I always find myself crying when I think about these things. I know my boyfriend cares but than why do I think he doesnt? What's wrong with me? :(


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  • Sounds like you have low self-esteem. Maybe you weren't treated too well in the past?


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  • Because you are super insecure. You have low self esteem and low confidence.
    You think you are a loser and your boyfriend can do better than without you.
    I say fix yourself.
    Watch videos on YouTube on "How to gain confidence." Also practice looking at yourself in the mirror; look at each of your features individually and see how beautiful they all are.
    Write down things you want to accomplish in your life. Pick up new and strange hobbies like a dance class, or yoga, or jewelry making. Doing something new and out of the ordinary will inspire you to try to be bold and different.
    Stop worrying about what other people think. Stop worrying about what your boyfriend thinks. Only care about what you think of yourself. If you ponder about how much someone may not like you you will then cater yourself to their needs and screw yourself over.
    Be you and only.
    If someone doesn't like you for who you are they can fuck off.
    Be happy. Smile a lot. Fake it until it feels real.
    Be around people who make you feel good about yourself. Don't be around any negative Nancy's or dubby downers.

  • You have low self-esteem, which could be a symptom of depression.

    Try to have some trust. Trust that your boyfriend cares about you. Be positive and enjoy your relationship with him. Negativity could end up driving him away.

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