Guys, I need advice about this guy. ?

So I met this guy on a dating site, like 2 months. We live in different states. I was going to move to his state by the summer, so I made a profile to meet new people. We live far away from each other, but he would come to my state for work. So it would work out until I moved to his state. i was going to go to his state in a month just for vacation, but I felt like I wouldn't be able to see him. I cut off ties, and he got upset. The next day I regretted it a lot and still do after a month. I truly care about him. He didn't want to give me a second chance. I gave him a day and he still didn't want to because he said he didn't trust me. After a month I still think about him. We would talk on the phone for hours. We got along and it was perfect he still has me on snapchat, even though I deleted him and told him to do the same. I made a fake dating profile, and I asked him if he met anyone. He said no because he only had it for two weeks. Which was obviously a lie. So I don't know why he would lie about that. I think I'm just going to delete the fake profile, and text him. Would that be a bad idea?


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  • Nah fool him into meeting you. again.


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