Does my crush like me?

A couple of days ago, when I came to my apartment complex with my grandpa with me, we saw my crush and my grandpa went to talk to him since they know each other and are friends. I stood by the car and they were around six feet away from me and my crush started talking about his job and that he's broke and stuff, he was talking very loudly (normally he's rather quite) even though my grandpa was right in front of him. And usually when he talks to my grandpa he gives him simple answers, but this time he was talking a lot and opening up. Could this possibly be because of me? Could he like me?

He was also looking at me the whole time he was talking to my grandpa
bump~ can someone please help?


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  • Maybe.. I mean a lot of old people are quite deaf so that could have been a reason but he may have wanted you to hear he was broke

    • My grandpa isn't deaf and they talked to each other before, so he knows that.

      Why does he want me to know that he's broke though? =/

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    • He also said that he had a job for 2-3 weeks, but quit because they were dishonest and cheated people out of their money and he doesn't like that.

    • Hmmmm it's hard to say without being there. I'd definitely keep an eye on him😉 and see how he acts around you. If he's shy he'll give subtle hints. Hopefully it all goes well with you and him!

  • No, he doesn't, sorry


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