Someone you like invites you to hang out with them and some friends?

So there is this person you like and they invite you to hang out with their group of friends. You think its going good as you guys get along and you are close to asking them out as you get along well but no one has said anything yet. Then you start chatting to one of their friends who you get along with and then the person you like comes over and says " wow you guys are getting along well, maybe you should exchange numbers. You guys are both single right"?

how would you react?

  • Get their friends number and say you need to be friends first
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  • Say to the original person you like that you would rather have their number.
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  • Say their is someone else you like
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  • other
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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd just ask him what his problem is? I can't talk to someone else without you thinking things?


What Guys Said 2

  • I would get both their numbers, but only contact the one I liked originally. If she does not like me back, THEN contact the other one! ;)

    • But the original one you have liked for a while is the one who invited you to hang out with her friends.

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    • But the original girl was talking to the others, would you just ignore the other girl who comes up and asks a few questions?

    • No, I'm quite comfortable in a group, and do talk to people who talk to me. What someone else interprets as, is their thing.

  • I don't know man, doesn't sound good between you and your crush. I don't think anyone who could possibly like you back would insist on you getting a number from one of their friends.

    • But she was saying it sarcastically

    • Maybe after hanging out you should've insisted on you two doing something together, get her number and bam easy.

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