I have a crush on my best friend will it be awkward if I tell her and she doesn't fell the same?

I have a huge crush on my best friend we are really close like she has said she doesn't know where she would be without me i feel the same way about her and i couldn't lose her as a friend so i decided not to tell her about my feeling but i can't hold it in any longer if i tell her and she doesn't fell the same could things stay the way they are or will things get really awkward

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  • Well hm you could kind of beat around the bush about you liking her and see how she reacts to that first before you just blurt out your feelings. If there are some signs or she starts dropping hints back than go for it, if not than ya know keep it to yourself

    • how would i beat around the bush

    • Like drop hints.. Bring up scenarios like oh yeah if we were to date it would be pretty cool because you know me better than anyone. And that you'd be the luckiest guy to get a girl like her to be your girlfriend. Say you like her without saying you like her.

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  • Unless she's hinting at possibly liking you, I wouldn't risk it.


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  • Voted B. Sorry to say, but usually things do get pretty awkward.