Girlfriend wants to nap in ex boyfriends bed, she has kissed him under similar circumstances, am I wrong to be upset?

Girlfriend is in college, studies late at night and leaves things until last minute, she has an ex in her college (not unheard of) and would nap at his dorm when tired before we spoke (I'm a different college but close) she continued this when we first dated (we're 3 months now) and on one occation they "tap kissed" and she napped in his bed and lost her bra. Maybe she took off her bra to be comfortable, maybe they fucked. I don't know nor will I ever. I moved past it, she seemed genuine, but latley she has said she wants to nap there again. She promised she wouldn't but they both have class together I guess. She said she would stop talking to him but revealed she helped him do homework too.

Any advice here? Am I unreasonable?


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  • I guess they also just "Netflix and chill" right? -_-

    Come on dude, nap = fuck. I'd be done with her in a heartbeat.