Is it ever creepy to over do compliments when person doesn't want them?

In response to the halfwit that can't take the fact his texts were actually creeping the girl out?

The fact she only responded with oh etc would of been hint, now he's stamping his foot and trying to make the world see he was in the right and she was wrong..

girl was in depressive mood possible pmt.. who can be bothered with texts of mushy compliments that would make most people's stomach churn? And the fact he then posted the conversation on here for the world to see is a chuck able offence...

so without knowing the man who is 32, he's needy and clingy...

in honesty do men like clingy women? So why expect women to like clingy men?


And the very fact he pretended to be someone else means he knows he's in the wrong- look at how he tries to justify himself and to make matters worse asked another question on it to again justify himself on it... to me pyscho alert hope she dumps him


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  • To answer this question.. my opinion is yes to much of a good thing.. always has it's consequences.. I very seldom will give a compliment to a person unless there is say a smile attached with it, or something that may spark me to reply.. I have met random women say on the golf course or at the mall and some were wearing a nice outfit that caught my eye and I have walked up to them and said.. nice outfit, but just left it at that but if like I stated a smile is forthcoming from the women.. It could lead to talking some more.. but this is not all that often I have did that.. I do not want to ever come off as some creepy guy to any women

    • There's a different complimenting someone and xomimenting someone who just wants to be left alone... and big difference between commenting someone's hair or something new they wear to going over board like that man... I mean if a female gave u compliments like that you'd be *gawd sakes man, back off weirdo*

    • I totally agree that is why I stated that compliments on a hairdo or a nice outfit is okay.. but still, if that person looks to me like they want to be left alone.. well I do not have to think twice about it.. I will not venture near the person.. and if someone does venture onto that ground.. they are creepy and I hope at some stage they are told off and to back the dam truck up

  • Well this clip would probably explain it:

  • Even half the girls in that question were saying she was being a jerk and that he wasn't creepy. He laid it on a little thick yes but definitely no where near creepy.


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