Guys, Some hot guy said he wants to bang me, is there a physical attraction then?

I personally wouldn't engage in anything with someone I didn't find attractive or something but I'm intrigued as to whether he just said it because he's literally just after sex or if there is some kind of attraction there making him say it.


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  • If there was no attraction... Why would he even think about banging you? I don't feel like banging the tree outside the window, why? I'm not attracted to it!

  • He clearly said he wants to 'bang' you. So he's obviously looking for nothing more than sex.

    • I know but what I'm asking is if guys would only sleep with a girl they found attractive

    • Yes they would!! If the sex is amazing he will stick around to get to know you more

    • No, usually guys don't have high standards for sleeping with someone. They only do so for relationships.

  • There is some kind of attraction. It may not be physical attraction, but it's something.