I just sent my crush a fb ask for number request with my number saying text me, you're very pretty and I want to take you out - what should I do?

I see her frequently

  • Avoid her/ignore her when you see her, you've blown all hope
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  • Talk to her in person as well
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  • Talk to her in person too because of you ignore her she'll be confused because of mixed messages. Oh, and if you sound nervous when you talk to her it's okay, sometimes we like it when you're nervous. It's cute lol

    • She's probably already confused by my mixed signals but I'm confused by hers. And since she hasn't replied im sure she doesn't like me.

    • What mixed signals have you been getting from her?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Just stay chill.

    Don't let her see that it got to you. If she turned you down, still be friendly, but definitely let her see you be just as friendly to other girls too.

    • She hasn't sent me anything back

    • Then definitely don't let her see you sweat.

      Don't chase, but don't avoid her either.

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  • You are very bold. If she turns you down don't take it personally, she's doesn't appreciate you for what you are.

    This is a very clear flirt combined with a date request, you don't have to do anything more. Wait for her response and try not to go too far ahead until she actually acknowledges your flirt and accepts your request/flirts back. Don't ignore her when she approaches you though, even though it will probably tear your heart out from nervousness.

  • Breathe. Relax.
    Go workout or something else.

    And then see how she responds to decide from there.

  • Hope you not like all uncivil and do A, pick B and have a good time... these days people are too wary and so paranoid, it isn't like it was 20 years ago. Internet and reality shows are to blame

    • She ignored it though.