Trying to figure out if we are friends with benefits or on our way to an actual relationship?

My friend and I have been flirty for months, finally we made out and had sex. We have seen each other everyday for over a month and he has spent the night at my place for over the last two weeks. We don't have sex every night and we cuddle and hold hands all the time. I don't believe he is seeing anyone else because he's with me almost every night. We communicate throughout the day, we have a lot of fun together, and he always expresses that he believes significant others should be best friends in a relationship. What I want to know is, is this going anywhere more than a friends with benefits relationship?


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  • It could go both ways. If I were you I'd just be honest and open about your expectations to avoid hurt. Communication is key and then you can know for sure what's going on

  • sounds like something way more than just a sex based relationship ;)