Was he going to kiss me?

ok so yesterday this guy told me that he wanted to hold me So then we hugged for a really long time. Then we had to get up and get something from the teacher and she was busy doing something so then he turned around and grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes for a very long time. And I said why are you staring at me. And he said he was deciding whether or not he wanted to slap me but he said it playfully. Then I said do it and he just stared at me in the eyes again and then he touched my top lip and bottom lip and then we got closer and then the teacher came and then we walked away. And then later on he gave me a piggyback right. But a few days before that I thought he had kissed me on the cheek but I am not really sure because it happened so fast. So I think that he wanted to kiss me but didn't because of the teacher and I think that he did kiss me on the cheek idk. But sometimes he licks my cheek and the next time when he licks my cheek I am going to say no its like this and kiss him. What do you guys think. Was he going to kiss me? Should I kiss him next time he licks me?Do you think me and him have a thing?


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  • Yes. I definitely think he was trying to kiss you... Or at least thinking about it.


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