Would most people see this the same as dating, consider these dates?

I had been dating a girl for awhile, and at one point reached a time where we were exclusive. I was careful, knowing it was probably just a rebound, she had just been through a breakup from a one year relationship. It got to a point of spending numerous days and nights at a time together. Was months before anything sexual though.

her ex came back into the picture, very briefly, putting an end to it. A couple months later we got together for dinner, which slowly increased in how often it happened. We are now at a point that we get together every week to make dinner, stay overnight together and spend the next day together. This is based mainly around my work schedule, but we have decided to make it a weekly thing.

no sex has been involved yet, been discussed a few times, but, it is something that neither of us want to do at this point and ruin anything in the future if we only choose to be friends. We are still able to date other people, in fact, we don't even refer to getting together as "dates". I'm just taking things as they come.

the curiosity in my mind has been though that if what we are doing would still be what others would see as dating


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  • If you two were sexually active I'd say you were friends with benefits but because that is off the cards this seems like dating to me :)

    • Friends with benefits was discussed. We are open to each other about pretty much everything. Things we really don't discuss are much about our breakup and our feelings toward one another. The only time our feelings were brought up was when I told her that I still had some feelings for her and was certain she did for me too, at which point she agreed. That was pretty much the end of that discussion. I'm not pushing for a relationship with her, and am sure that even if I did I would already know the answer. I know at this point, the past would have to be completely behind us before anything like that could happen.

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