Dating dilemma -- should I call her?

heres the situation:

I started talking to a girl who added me on Facebook that I had met a few times with friends (lame way to start a relationship I know). Didn't take long to get her number, started texting, she always texted back promptly and seemed interested. I hung out with her at a party that was cut short by my asshole friends, but she texted me after saying she really wanted to hang out with me sometime soon. Couple days later I asked her to get lunch with me, she sounded into it and the day after I drove about a half hour to see her. Things went well, played it cool, we ended up having a lot of fun, or so I thought (no kisses yet just kinda flirty). She texted soon after saying she had fun and that she would come out my way sometime to hang out again. I texted her back saying I had fun too yadda yadda. no reply for a couple days so I texted her asking her how she was, she said really good and that she would text me after snowboarding. She never did and now its about a week later. I never texted her back because she specifically told me she would text me and I didn't wanna seem too forward; I don't wanna mess it up with this one. I would normally just suck it up and forget about it but she legitimately seemed into it, and I really like this girl. Super down to earth, ridiculously cute. The hell do I do? Sorry about the book I just wrote (can you tell I like her?) oh and I'm 22 she's 19

oh and I know she's not dead or anything, she's a friend of a friend of a friend etc etc..


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  • It's sweet that you're concerned and all, but try not sweating this. It isn't potentially over or anything, and it's really up to you. She might have been busy and couldn't text you back after snowboarding. And then realized it was too late. It seems like she's clearly into you, but couldn't reply to "I had fun too." Wait maybe a week and a half more before you ask her to hang out with you again.


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  • You should text her be like heyy I haven't talked to you in a long time what up ?

    hows life?

    and let it go the way it should.

    If it seems like she's a little side tracked then ask her about it.

    Let her know you are there for her and maybe even ask her to hang out becuase you want to talk to her about something.

    and let her know how you feel

  • Yah I would try sending her another message, girls have this need to be chased. If if starts to feel like you're always chasing her and never catch up then stop. But for now send her another message and see what happens!

  • dude just call her and say hey or just text her. don't wait around and mope its better to just do it right away


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  • If you want it, go for it. Just say, "What's up, haven't heard from you in a while". That's about the best you can do. If she still doesn't respond, just let it go. Plenty of fish in the sea.