Am I still Friend Zoned?

I've been seeing this girl for a month and a half now. Before she a month it she told me she just wants to be friends "for now" because of her health insecurities. Lately I have noticed how she is being touchy how he hands always gets close to mine and she always attempts to grab my hand and I just go with it. She has been flirting with me lately, especially when we go dancing. I showed her how charming I was when dancing. The thing is she told me she wants to take things slow. So the question is am I still friend zoned by her? I am confused. She won't let me kiss her but she kisses my cheeks a lot.


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  • No, she never friendzoned you. It's normal for girls to want to go slow and the relationship will develop naturally. Friendzoned means she has no attraction to you and will not try to hold your hand, kiss your cheek, "take things slow". You are on the relationship road, so enjoy the sweet ride :D


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