Ex is teasing me a bit again... not sure if friendly or still interested? Help?

My younger sister and I ran into him at his work tonight, I said hi and walked on, but he jokingly came over and asked why I was ignoring him. Then he was all like 'oh, I've not seen you for a while' and began asking what I'd been up to etc and telling me a little about what he'd been doing too.

In the space of that time, I told him I'd put on 2 pounds and he asked if I was 'up the duff' and grinned as I gave him a shocked look. He then told me I looked ratchet and that my outfit was completely mismatched. My birthday is coming up and he also started joking about not knowing what day my birthday is. He then jokingly called me a 'perv' and said he knows what I'm like... And walked away with a cheeky grin on his face.

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Come on guys this is eeeeeasy surely!


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  • He is trying to prove to you that he is not hurt by the breakup, covering for the fact that he actually was hurt.


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