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Ok, so there is this girl (i'm not going to say so lets go with Sally). Sally moved her from Rio. She is really pretty and always wears short skirts and dress to school. She is kind of nice to me, I don't know we never really get to talk that much. She sits at the same table my boyfriend does. They talk and I just have this burning feeling in my stomach every time they talk or hang out. I know he loves me and today while at school he asked me "Do I hate Sally?" I wanted to give him the honest truth and said "Yes." He said "Why?" I could give him a list of reasons why but it all ends in jeilousy. I honesty don't know what to do. Can you please help me?


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  • Juts say you're a little jelly and its only because you have such strong feelings for him. You don't really hate her. Only because she is hanging out with you boyfriend.


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