What was the best or worst date?

Thinking back I know I've had some odd, scary, funny, and amazing dates. Since that fun-filled Hallmark holiday is coming up thought it would be funny to hear some from others.
My favorite worst date, was this guy, he ordered a drink but insisted since it was a mixed drink that each part of the drink be in it's own glass... he spent the rest of the date explaining to me how ordering it that way ensures you get the best drink... even after I agreed just to shut him up he insisted I do the same right then! When I said no he got flustered and stormed out... the staff didn't even ask me to pay, they said it was a show.

Anyone else?


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  • not a show as yours, but I did not knew what to do on my first date. she asked me out, and we went to a rose garden. we spend around 8 hours sitting on the same spot , not taken a single bite of food or water. we did not have much to talk either. at the end of date, she told me that this was her best day ever to spent with me alone.


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