My best friend likes the guy I like?

Last weekend I had my best friend over and she was snapchatting the guy I like. She was wearing a low cut shirt and you could see like all of her boobs and she knew I was uncomfortable with it because I'd see the picture she was sending and I would say something like "That better not be going to who I think it is." and then this weekend she texted him asking if he liked me because I was curious. So he said he kinda did, so I was pretty bummed about it, but then I find out today from her exboyfriend that she talks about behind my back and likes the guy I like. Two weeks ago she didn't even find him remotely attractive but know that I've told her I liked him she all of the sudden does too?


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  • Look at it this way, is your friendship REALLY worth less than some dude you'd end up "dating" for a month or two tops until his immaturity tells him he's bored of you and then you're left sad and hurt but with no best friend to comfort you because you let some boy wedge you apart?


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