Confused on how to ask a girl If she's into me and telling her how I feel?

I've been talking to this girl for a week. Apparently she told my friend that she thought I was hot so I got her number and she texts me all the time and it seems like she is into me. But in school she avoids me and I can't really talk to her or make a move she just kinda runs away like it's a joke. And she basically randomly set up a double date with my friends girlfriend and me and her (which we haven't gone on yet were going later this week). But yet she still won't talk to me in school the most I've gotten her to say is hi, and she is not normally a shy person so I'm just so confused and I feel really awkward about it. So I want to tell her how I feel and pretty much just ask her to stop messing with me or at least tell me how she feels and if she is even into me. I feel like her friend who is my best friends girlfriend is forcing her to talk to me or something and the whole situation seems sketchy. I just need advice on how I should word this or if it's a bad idea to ask her about this. And also from what I already said if anyone can relate to this or knows what the heck she is doing because I'm confused af.
Well I got friend zoned
She said she didn't want a relationship because she is too stressed out even though she asked me out so that makes no sense.


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  • My friend you have developed a text relationship. You can text each other all day long but don't speak in public. Stop overthinking the situation and just ask her what's going on. That's the best way to do it.

  • Tell her how you feel. Be honest, she will respect that.


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