So I really like this one guy?

There is this guy who's expresses his "Love" for me I guess you can say he's told me how much he likes me and more than a friend. I feel the same way but we've been friends forever and I didn't want to ruin Or friend ship but recently I was thinking hey I really like this guy why not give it a shot. So I told him How i felt back and we got into conversation about being with each other. last Monday before school he asked and I quote "Hey i want that hug at school soon. Don't forget about it." But the next day when we went to school we didn't talk like we talked about we didn't hug like we also talked about and everything he told me basically just didn't happen. I was super upset. He was like my BestFriend and now we seriously never talk In person I was talking to him like a boyfriend but we barley text now. And he's always posting things in snapchat like I shoulda knew better then to catch feelings. (I know he's taking about me) and always posting pictures with other people trying to make me jealous it seems like. But the thing is he's kinda shy I would say. so I don't know if after being in a really awkward stage with each other for about a year (without taking) if it's just hard to start conversations again or if he's just toying with my feelings. Either way it's hurting me because I really like this guy and I really would love to be with him but I feel like I shouldn't have to be the one to make the first move in person even tho he made the first move on the internet I just wish he could tell me what he tells me on Facebook messenger to my face. im super confused on why he can tell me this all this over the Internet but not talk to me in person any advice anything would be helpful I thank you in Advance.


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  • First off all I want to ask you are you sure he is a shy guy? I mean it's just not possible for a shy guy to make the girl he likes jealous!!. I mean if the guy is genuinely shy then it's not possible, yes if he is faking it like a shy guy then he can.

    Hence if you say that you think he is trying to make you jealous then that can very well mean that he may not be a shy guy like what you thought he is.

    If he is indeed interested in you and he has made the first move, then I don't understand why he would want to make you jealous? I mean that can really hurt you so much, why would he want to do that?

    These are not good signs

    • not true. i'm shy and i'm notorious for trying to make girls jealous. it's almost the other way around, you fake not being shy. it's a real thing.

    • @Aaron17 . Come on!. Anyone can fake anything, and of course whatever I said doesn't apply to all guys, I was just saying in general. If it doesn't apply to you then it's great.

      However I am confident about my theory.

  • Conveying his feelings and an intent to be affectionate towards you via text doesn't require the same level of moxie that would be required of him to express such to you in person.

    And if, as you stated, he is shy, then, I assume each day, each interaction, and each opportunity that goes by he fails to take action, his discomfort or anxiety to do so grows, to the point that he's most comfortable with you when he's communicating with you via text, as he is aware of your expectations of him, which may explain his one-eighty behavior.

    Therefor, my advice is simple: to take pressure off of him, the next time you interact with him face-to-face, break the proverbial ice with a smile and by simply asking him for the "that"hug.


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