What does it mean when coworkers want to find a girlfriend for you?

Three female coworkers all of whom I maintain a good relationship with randomly told me they want to find someone for me to date.

I am a 22 year old guy and obviously single. What does this mean? I never dropped any hints to them of wanting to get into a relationship yet so why all of a sudden they want to set up something now?


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  • Well, there is nothing wrong with coworkers, people wanting to help you find a girlfriend but then that is only appreciable if you want that help, but if you want to be single and yet they are doing this, then that would be taken as a disrespect towards you.

    However in this case you said that you didn't drop any hints to them, so that could mean a few things:

    1. Your coworkers don't know what you want, that you are interested in a relationship or if you desire to be single only, but they are taking a chance by trying to find a girlfriend for and so they can see your reaction.

    2. Your co-workers are very understanding towards you and they know that you want someone in your life and are helping you find one.

    I don't know what it is with you, what your coworkers are thinking can be seen as good or bad. If you want to be single only then please make that clear to the coworkers that you don't need anyone and so ask them not to waste their time.


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  • It means they are concerned over your single status and they simply want to see you dating someone. Basically, in their minds they are trying to help you out.
    I personally think that they should mind their own business.


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  • Perhaps they already have someone or friends/relatives in mind who they feel could match well with you. Or, perhaps they're under the impression that being in a relationship would suit you.

    Regardless of their reasons for wanting to hook you up, they think highly enough of you to get behind you.