I need to stay somewhere for a couple of weeks to get away from an aggressive flatmate until she moves out and my boyfriend isn't supportive?

I'm staying in a hostel (in a private room not sharing with anyone) paying for it with my own money so it doesn't affect him.

the reason I'm staying in the hostel is cos my female flatmate got aggressive and I was basically trapped in my room with the door locked with no escape for a whole night. I had to sneak out with my bags packed and haven't been back since.

my boyfriend says I'm overreacting, being stupid and wasting money. He says I should just go home and if she hits me call the police. What do you think of him?


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  • I'm sorry that must be hard


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  • You did the right thing. Your flatmate sounds crazy and I wouldn't want to be around her either. I think your boyfriend should respect your safety and should understand. Besides like you say it's your own money so you can do whatever you want!


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  • You felt threatened. You did the right thing.

    Alternatively, since she got aggressive with you, you could file for a temporary protective order against her and possibly have her legally removed from the property within a day or so.

  • Why don't you move in with him?

    • Did u even read my question?

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