Does a guy wearing glasses make him less attractive/appealing?

does he have less of a chance when he asks you out if he is wearing glasses?

  • Yes - not a fan of guys wearing glasses!
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actually really glad to hear, i wear glasses and did a rate me earlier... so i did anon so noone is bias ^.^


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  • Just generally when I was younger and dater, I seemed to do obviously better when wearing contacts (far fewer rejections).

    It might have been simply because I felt more confident wearing contacts, but I never actually got a date wearing glasses, and did try quite a number of times (maybe a couple hundred or so).

    That might also be because I have a geeky job already as a software engineer. It's like I gotta balance out the geekiness by looking a bit more sharp, athletic, avoid the glasses, this sort of thing.


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  • I think it would depend on the guy

  • Honestly, with modern spectacle design, the glasses actually enhance your appearance now. It's not like the 50s were all the glasses make you look nerdy in a bad way.