How do I encourage him to pursue me?

My crush has been giving signs that he likes me.. i can feel it but not 100% sure cuz he ddnt start pursuing.. " by pursuing i mean that he at least starts texting regularly nd declares that he likes me "

Wut ahould i do to encourage that?



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  • okay

    why can't you?

    • Maybe its bcz i dnt know how to give the right signals so that he picks up on that

      Am still trying to find balance between initiating texts and not come off as clingy

      What do u advise me to do? Initiate more?

    • well its 2016, there's nothing wrong with a girl initiating towards a guy. chances are he's probably shy, so you can expect him to not make any moves. if you really want something to happen, just start by talking to him.

  • Perhaps you ought to pursue him! (Especially since you are reasonably assured of success.)

  • Make him know that you are interested


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