Are relationships supposed to be exiting or settle you down?

I met this awesome girl she is not sketchy, she's attractive, is someone I can talk to, and the sex isn't bad either. With that said ever since I've been with her I realized their are so many other people to hangout with and talk to or flirt with. It's like every time my buddies and I go out as just guys I don't have a good time cause I can't flirt with another girl and I need to keep my hormones in check and just be professional. Like I can't tell another girl she is really attractive and play the game to see how far it goes. I miss feeling free in a way.


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  • If you aren't ready for a serious relationship , stay single. I think dedicating yourself to the one you love might not be as exciting as playing around but I think it is such a great feeling and comfort. Nothing forces you to be in a relationship.

    • Very true being single is differint and I amna good boyfriend i do control myself and dedicate myself to her bu t I can't help the looking and wondering what if I try. I don't know it could be something that hits every 22 year old guy but infeel like its natural.

    • Depends on the person but I guess it is most probably right. Personally I wouldn't and I'm not interested in flirting with any other one than my girlfriend. Of course , I walk past many cute girls everyday , like everyone but I don't have any attraction towards them. Try to put more energy into your relationship maybe. If you can't help yourself , you are better off leaving her than cheating on her , cause that is the lowest act someone can do on his partner.

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  • I have always seen the first few months of a relationship exciting. Then it dies down and sometimes ends up not being worth it. I suppose you have a decision to make..

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