Co worker suggested the girl setup and pay for the next date since she cancelled?

This was a suggestion from a co worker of mine who is quite good with women and I'm pretty sure he dates more then one woman at a time cause I can't keep track of all his girls. Anyways I told him a girl cancelled on me and he was like if you're going to go out with he again, I suggest that she pays this time and arranges the date. This didn't make much sense, but I guess maybe since she cancelled her paying would be like an apology?


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  • You notice how you said you can't keep track of all his girls. Keep that in mind if you actually like this girl. I get what he's saying she bailed so it's her responsibility to make it up. But there can be legitimate and valid reasons for bailing on a date. Family matters, work, emergency. Punishing someone because something happened unexpectedly, isn't fair.


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