Does he like me or is he being friendly?

So I've been talking to this guy in my math class for about a month. We've been taking the same bus since the beginning of the school year but haven't talked until now. I really like him; he's very intelligent and very sweet. He is a junior and I am a sophomore but we're both sixteen at the moment. We talk quite a bit and he has developed a habitat of randomly showing me memes and stuff on his phone or telling me random things. Last week we both had to stay late and so while we were waiting for the bus he came over started talking to me and we had a really great conversation. It seems like what he talks to me about is different than what he talks about with his friend who is also in the class. He also starts the conversation most of the time and has a habit of asking if I'm okay. Could these be signs that he likes me or is he just being friendly?


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  • Yep, I think he's starting to like you.


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