Does he like me?

So I found this guy on a forum for people with the same medical issues. We've been talking almost everyday for going on 1.5 months. He usually initiates the conversation. We flirt back and forth a little but mostly it's me doing it, and I don't know if he's picking up on it, or if it's freaking him out. We've talked about meeting up and we both want to but our schedules don't allow it in the near future. If you're a guy and you were texting a girl that you wern't really interested in romantically would you keep texting her?

Also, I've sent him several pictures of me but they're all a couple years old but they are my best pictures. I think I'm an attractive person but I don't photograph well. Does stuff like that matter if you REALLY like the girl, if she's not a 10? Or a 8? 7? 6? lol

I really really like this guy but I'm nervous that if he met me in person he wouldn't like me, I mean, I've never lied about anything, he's getting the real me in the texts but I just have very low self estem when it comes to my appearance and I worry about what he'd think in person.


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  • It's too bad your schedules don't match up because that is the true test. I've talked to girls online before and the convos sometimes seemed too good to be true. Only to meet in person and feel like I was meeting a total stranger..

    • Thank you for the reply! That is what I'm afraid of, him meeting me and deciding that I'm not as great as he imagined. I don't know why because I've never been anything but real in the texts but I guess actually meeting someone face to face changes things. Or it could be perfect, we could totally fall in love with each other. I guess I need to stop looking at the negatives!

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