Guys, Honestly I really feel frustrated most of the time?

I see not so looking good girls who have bfs or they date and me who Im considered pretty, easy going, friendly, not drama queen, easy to hang out with, and I have the worse luck in the world when it comes to date or hang out with boys and those other ladies are the luckiest. I mean it kind of bumped me when I see tht on the streets couples of bf/gf or just dating and those ladies are so lucky cause they have someone or a guy who are with them and who pick them up as their boyfriend or just a date. Sometiems I envy them cause why many women can do it and I haven't been able to do it for more than 30 years and still at this time no luck still.

Im already given up as as you old it is more difficult to really find someone who is totally single and totally unavailable with no kind of attachments (married or kids) or someone who can share your same interests, because in this century many guys like to be independent and not get tied down with girls. Not that Im marrying soon or want to have a serious relationshop Im not looking for that at this moment. I just want to experience what is like first to date ocassionally or even being asked out by guys, or have a boyfriend for some time like ordinary normal average girls do in the entire planet.

I dont know what am I missing or had been missing to achieve that or Im not interesting enough for guys to even ask me out or guys in todays world dont want to date girls or what is the issue.

It is like im starting to believe that when I hit 80 years old I be the only woman in this planet who has not experience what is to just date one lousy guy or even hang out with a guy and I never really experience anything not even one lousy date.

It is like I repel men or men or something.
Guys, Honestly I really feel frustrated most of the time?
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