Guys, Honestly I really feel frustrated most of the time?

I see not so looking good girls who have bfs or they date and me who Im considered pretty, easy going, friendly, not drama queen, easy to hang out with, and I have the worse luck in the world when it comes to date or hang out with boys and those other ladies are the luckiest. I mean it kind of bumped me when I see tht on the streets couples of bf/gf or just dating and those ladies are so lucky cause they have someone or a guy who are with them and who pick them up as their boyfriend or just a date. Sometiems I envy them cause why many women can do it and I haven't been able to do it for more than 30 years and still at this time no luck still.

Im already given up as as you old it is more difficult to really find someone who is totally single and totally unavailable with no kind of attachments (married or kids) or someone who can share your same interests, because in this century many guys like to be independent and not get tied down with girls. Not that Im marrying soon or want to have a serious relationshop Im not looking for that at this moment. I just want to experience what is like first to date ocassionally or even being asked out by guys, or have a boyfriend for some time like ordinary normal average girls do in the entire planet.

I dont know what am I missing or had been missing to achieve that or Im not interesting enough for guys to even ask me out or guys in todays world dont want to date girls or what is the issue.

It is like im starting to believe that when I hit 80 years old I be the only woman in this planet who has not experience what is to just date one lousy guy or even hang out with a guy and I never really experience anything not even one lousy date.

It is like I repel men or men or something.


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  • Just be "easy"... contrary to popular belief it isn't bad for a girl to be "easy" there is this massive movement against those types of girls but seriously, what kind of guy wants to work hard to date a girl when there is an easier to date one right next-door. If I'm a somewhat insecure guy there is no way I am going after a girl who seems "hard to get", so make yourself easy, ask some guys out and you will be good to go.

    • You mean me doing the asking out?

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    • Well i guess i stay single what u proposed sounds good but maybe to other ladies because in my case it never worked with a guy I like recently. This guy probably was too scare to even hang out or wanted just to be independent his whole life i guess. Iwe made out we hang out he show me signs he was interested we flirted but i guess he thought things were going fast in a course of 2 months so he backed off. And im not that ugly he never even told me the reason why he blew me off through text. He sent me this odd text with no explanation while he was traveling to Europe with my cousin on vacations last year. He texted me that whate er we have or it was is not working and he is sorry and he wished me i hope im ok. There were no signs previous to this trip that things were going wrong in fact we noth eve n talk of going out a second time i guess he thought that going out a second time meant some kind od serious committment i asume. I mean rwally how can he come to that conclusion beats me

    • Do giys really believe that going on dates or hanging out aeveral times with attractive ladies or just women mean something serious? That it stupid or guys who think like that are jerks from head to toe. Even if the dont like to be tied down or committ in the distant future because they like the independence and hang out with a girl means no independence what guy does not like to hang out with pretty ladies? Unless they are gay

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  • I don't know if you repel men or not. I haven't had the best luck in dating, and I understand what it's like getting older and it getting harder to find someone closer to my age without attachments. I like being independent, but also miss some aspects of dating and being in a relationship. Wish I could help more. Good luck in the future..

    • Maybe some guys do not like to hagn out at all with girls? I mean becaue they are so independent that hanging out with girls will mean they feel like if they date someoen that means some kind of attachments in the future and that is what they dont like? What can you say about those guys who think like that?

    • All my siblings had had someone in their life or currently, at least they hang out or seeing someone and they are younger than me. Im the only one who had never had any boyfriend or date or seeing a guy before at all and it is odd but you know that any of my siblings never like ask themselves or even ask me why I had never been seen with someone or anyone? For them is normal I had always been single and not hang out with anyone. My parents never care to ask me either how come Im not seeing anyone or hang out

  • Maybe try some internet dating just to get the hang of meeting up, having a drink, having a laugh (avoid the next step!) just to get over the 'I can't date' thing. Then perhaps it'll all get a bit easier?

    • internet dating to hang out just like that?

  • I've been single for like a quarter century of my life as well as in my whole life

    • But you still in your 20s Im hitting the middle 40s and nothing. You at least have more time than me and more possibilities

    • always been single yourself?

    • yep and not because i wanted or like it sipmply guys do nto come forward to me and ask me out

  • I'm still a virgin myself.

    I was alone for twenty years...

    • u were alone for 20 years until now?

    • From the time that most people start dating (14/15) till two years ago, yeah.

    • Well lucky ou Im over 40 and never even dated when i ws 14 18 or ever