How do I best find a caring girlfriend?

I need a girlfriend who is the most caring and nice, not easy to give up on her family when they need her. I have no idea what to look for, as this personality trait is invisible until the time comes when the family needs her the most.


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  • You basically need to take your time and really get to know her. There are definitely ways that you can find out if she is caring or not.

    When you are talking, does she ask about how you day is going? If you tell her something is going on with your family, does she offer her support?

    When you are dating her, does she check in to see how your day is going? When you are sick does she help take care of you or at least ask how you are feeling? Does she offer to come over with soup?

    It's not an invisible trait. You just have to pay attention and look at the signs. Caring comes in many forms. Whether it be someone texting you to see if you got home safe, or someone remembering your birthday.

    If you are going through a tough time, does she support you? Or is she no where to be found?


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  • It takes time to get to know someone. Most people would go and/or have countless relationship in order to find that specific and special person for them. Just keep searching man and eventually you'll find someone like her