Advice for a friend - Early days of a relationship?

A friend asked me for some advice recently about a new relationship and thought I'd get feedback here as to his predicament.
he's been dating a girl for 2 months, they met while on holiday at Christmas, come home and seeing her.
He hasn't seen her for 2 weeks now, every time he tries or they make plans something comes up, by way of emergency, flu. Helping a friend or just tired after a long day, the passing away of a friend and sadness following...
it started off with her putting him off a couple of times and recently he had to cancel... He said he didn't have to but thought she might postpone if he didn't.
he speaks to her everyday, they message, but haven't quite got the time to spend together. On the weekend he booked a few nights away together for a few weeks time...
he can't quite work out what's happening and thinks there is something more going on or may just be a bit insecure and not really made much effort to see her
what type of behaviour if any does this demonstrate on her behalf?


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  • just support your friend