Can anyone help me?

Okay so there's this guy in my 7th period I'm really into him we talk all the time and I'm pretty sure he flirts with me all the time he'll take my phone and my school bag and hide it or like pull out my pony tail and touch me everytime he passes me and everytime I see him he tries to start a conversation. I really like his personality and if I may say so myself he's looks are on point. But my point is he has a girlfriend so I don't act on anything my mom and friends think he likes me even my guy friends say he does. One told me that that's exactly what he does when he likes a girl and he tries to get her attention. If I think someone's cute this guy says that persons ugly. I was playing around with my friend one day we were just messing around calling each other names and I got called chubby but we were just playing and this guy took up for me he said hey don't tell her that she's not fat so shit up dude. He takes up for me but messes with me at the same time. Do you think he likes me? I'm sorry for this being all Over the place by the way. But everytime I see him or when I'm around him I get butterfly's in my stomach and my heart feels like it's beating 10000 beats per second. What does this mean. And does he like me back. I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

  • He totally likes you.
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  • No one puts that much effort into someone when they don't