Is it stupid to home this could evolve into something more? Should I straight up ask him or leave it be?

We met a month ago & hung out & hooked up. We have kept in contact since then... We've hooked up another time.. And now since we both have open schedules (we are both busy college students.. Athletics and work) but this week we plan on "hanging out" again... Probably gonna talk then have sex.

He doesn't sleep with anyone else. We talked about that. He also doesn't have sex often. I think our sex and passion is amazing.. And I don't want it to end (I haven't told him this). I find myself thinking about him more now, wanting more from him... I guess I kinda wanna be his girl even though initially I was against that. (Like he asked me to dinner the first night but I declined).

Question is, I know sex isn't like a meaningful thing to many people... Some just like to hit it and quit it.. Is it silly to hope because we still are in contact that he wants to continue seeing me? Would he want to try something more? It's about equal effort put in right now. I'm a tad more assertive but that's just who I am.. But I'm shy with this whole "asking him if he wants to be something more" thing... Advice?

WOW I meant HOPE not home


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  • If he wanted more then he would have asked for more. If he's getting sex from you without the relationship then why would he want the girlfriend.