Does He Want A Serious Relationship With Me, Guys I Need Your Advice Help?

Guy Messages me after 2 months, after we had a fight. He said he wants a serious relationship with me, and asked me did I think that our relationship would work, If I have thought about marriage, if I wanted a serious relationship or I was just wanting fun.
I said that I think that we could work, and I was looking for a serious relationship, I asked him did he want a serious relationship with me or fun, he said he wanted a serious relationship with me. Forgot to mention we are long distance.
We have been keeping in touch by whatsapp, and we used too Skype, and voicecall
He messaged me the otherday I have recently broke my wrist and he wanted to know how I was
and is it getting better
I mentioned tonight we should Skype, his replies we're prompt after reading message, he replied within a minute, he said he didn;t have Skype now, I said you could download it for free, he said but my phone is bad, which that wasn't a lie, as when I saw him on Skype in the past the cam was very dark, and very bad quality. I said well we can voicecall then, he replied yes I think would be nice.
It he being genuine, and serious about wanting a serious relationship with me.

Think I should state, he has been the one initiating in messaging me each time
He is quite an insecure guy, on first date in the past he was extremly nervous, was figgety a lot
walked me back at the end of the night, and just gave me a kiss goodnight.

Are there any things that I can do to find out if he really is serious about me?


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