I like nerdy boys. How do I get them to like me?

Anyone can answer.


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  • Well, nerdy boys are all a bit different when it comes to taste in women, so there's no single rule here. Some like girls who are similarly nerdy, others prefer the opposite, and for others it just really depends.

    The one nearly fool-proof strategy is to spend more time hanging around nerds. For instance, you could take some advanced classes in math, computer science, physics, etc.

    Most nerds spend 50-90% of their time in places where there are few or no members of the opposite sex. It's very frusterating having to choose between your intellectual passion and your passion for the fairer sex. It's like trying to live in two different worlds.

    I'd be lucky to find a single girl, much less one I'm interested in, in ANY of my classes. Add to that the fact that I'm not really into going to parties, so there aren't a lot of social places for me to meet girls.

    So, I'd say that being in the right place is going to increase your chances of being noticed by nerdy guys a lot! It also shows a willingness to walk a mile in the other persons' shoes (while still being yourself), which is something that I at least would highly respect.

    I guess that one of my biggest fears is that a girl will not be able to relate to me at all. So I'm looking for a girl who I share some things in common with, who also complements me in other ways.

    I also have a number of obscure and esoteric interests, so if I find out that you share even one of those interests, it'll get my attention. BTW, I don't like either WoW or anime (as suggested by one of the other comments), and imho those things are more geeky than nerdy...

    In truth, it's a bad strategy to try to become a stereotype of what people say nerds like. Instead, you should try to expand your individuality and increase the number of unique interests you have. If you ever listen to nerds talk, you'll notice that the common trend is not what they're passionate about but how passionate they are about very specific things.

    I guess what I'm saying is that if you happen to share something in common with me, that's great, but what's most important is that you're a unique passionate individual and you care more about being yourself than what the world thinks of you. This does not mean that you're not willing to try new things, but it does mean that you're confident about who you are. Eh...well, this is my personal tastes.


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  • You need to approach them and lead them a bit and show your interest in that way.

    These boys will almost never approach you. So be a bit more aggressive. It's likely they will feel lucky to be around you.

  • play video games... nerds love gaming..

    or at least, play World of Warcraft... Most nerds play it

    or watch anime...

    nerds love to talk about it... and they ussually in love w girls who share the same interest w them...

    other way... GET SMART

    nerds love smart girls..

  • Nerds come in all shapes and sizes.

  • join academic groups at school...community service volunteering...


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  • I dig nerds too! I reccomend approaching them. Like if he's standing awkwardly in the corner, grab him and dance! Just be spontaneous and show him you dig him. Works Like a charm.

  • by bein smart. you have to have something to talk about

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