How do I hold a conversation to avoid an awkward silence?

Ok so I recently met this beautiful girl in college and got her number etc. And she happens to like me, however, our conversations are really dry... usually ends up in an awkward silence and I end up ending the conversation too soon and I can tell she is not happy about that so I need help with keeping up a conversation, my friends consider me a funny guy and never run out of things to say with them but with this girl it is completely different, I'm taking her out soon to a restaurant and I'm scared it's going to be those awkward silence again 😫 ... any tips would be appreciated.


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  • Have you known/spoken to this girl for awhile now or not? Sometimes that just happens when you are first getting to know someone. I would suggest taking her out to do something fun/active that wouldn't involve just sitting there talking, just to break the ice a bit.

    But otherwise, just ask her questions about her hobbies/interests, find some common ground with her. If the conversation doesn't flow over time, you two may not be a match for each other.

    • She kinder used to be a tomboy so she suggested we go paint balling but then changed her mind after and decided we go to a restaurant. We talk a lot through text and have been for last 2 weeks but we don't have too much in common I think, she does have a sense of humour though

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