How to get over someone?

Honestly, what's the point of having a crush? To have your feelings crushed? Sounds about right. Some may say I'm too young to think about dating right now but I can't help it.

there's this guy that I like. He's in my classes and is one of my close friends. It's sounding cliche now but I can't help it, sorry. But the thing is he gets touchy and I know he's kidding around, but he has a girlfriend. He doesn't see how it affects me, he thinks it's just an innocent joke. But here's the best part of this, the girlfriend is also one of my friends! Whoa didn't see that coming did you? I'm tired of seeing my feelings hurt and knowing how badly it can affect others that surround me. I'm good at concealing my feelings but apparently not as good as I thought since my best friend can see how it affects me. Any advice as to how I can cope with this or get over him? If you need any further explanations feel free to ask and I apologize if I sounded a bit rude.


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  • Just ignore them I don't know


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