Other girls are always talking to my boyfriend?

Okay I am not the controlling type, or much of the jealous type. I mean I do get jealous sometimes but I don't do anything about it, I don't take action or try to be controlling, like other people would.

But I recently started dating this guy and we have been friends, for a year now. But I have noticed ever since the day I met him a lot of girls like to talk to him. I mean like at school, girls will walk up to him and talk to him. Or kind of ya know "flirt" with him.

Before we started dating he said that he really likes me & that he really wanted me to be his.
Anyways girls like I said, always talk to him and I kind of get annoyed with it. I don't do anything or say anything to him about it though. But it doesn't upset me enough to do anything in the first place though.

But I know girls like him, because he is pretty attractive, and he has muscles, and I have overheard girls talking about him & his muslces. But I don't like him for just his looks I love his personality.

I trust him, but I don't trust girls. Because a lot of girls are boyfriend stealers, or backstabbers.
A friend of mine told me that, while I was gone from school one day, a girl was talking to him a lot that day and he looked like he was getting annoyed.

Is it normal that I am bothered by this? I just wish these girls would back off I mean I get it, it is normal if he has female friends. That doesn't bother me but this does.


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  • If it bothers you this much to come to gag and write 6 paragraphs about it, then yes it makes you very jealous. You are the jealous type but just haven't acted on it out of probably being afraid of losing him or doing something stupid.

    The thing is that it is best to not repress these things or else you might blow it in your boyfriend's face someday, or call it out on a fight or smth. It's better not to keep these things for yourself. You either have to get to terms with this and forget about it altogether or talk it out with your boyfriend. First option is the best, and it's better to accept your SO will be approached by others and just play it normal and act confident.


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  • I hate the I trust him I don't trust other girls you don't have to trust other girls you only have to trust him. They can't do anything unless he lets them.
    It's not unusually but there is nothing you can do about it. It's probably just normal for him and you're only noticing now because he's "yours"


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  • You shouldn't be so bothered.. He wants to be with you, not the other girls. Be happy that you have someone that doesn't flirt back.


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  • If you trust him, why does it bother you so much? You obviously think there's some chance he'll leave you for someone else, otherwise it wouldn't bother you at all.
    There is no such think as a 'boyfriend stealer'. You can't steal someone's boyfriend. He can leave you for someone, but that doesn't mean they 'stole' him. He's a person with free will, not a bloody object.