Is a good man really hard to find?

DISCLAIMER: This post isn't a typical "nice guy" sentiment. Instead a different perspective from common responses from it. Purely playing devil's advocate here. Also, fellas, I'm in no shape or form trying to appeal to whatever logic you get from this, or trying to confirm any of your bitter beliefs. So no putting yourself on a pedastal and waiving your cocks around in a self-righteous manner saying "because girls are immature and stupid and don't know what they want," or anything on the lines of that. If you want a straight answer, then be civil and learn something without judging what you may read.

For the ladies who say that bad boys are attractive and get into relationships or pursue them because they: are confident, passionate, they stand up for themselves, are interesting, fun, and my favorite, agressively go after what they want.

Now, we aren't talking about your typical 'nice guy' (those guys suck), we're talking about that guy you would put on the back burner as an option, and choose the other one over him. That genuine good guy. Now, you like a guy who is confident. He seems pretty confident to me, he takes the time to initiate with you, doesn't shy away, and keeps on with his life. Being around him I'm sure you two have fun as well. Interesting, what's not interesting about a guy that has depth to him? Also, like any good guy, if his mind is in the right place, he's agressively going after thing in life that'll benefit him in the long term. Sure maybe he's not displaying this non stop to you. But how is it that you would choose the destructive choice, when the better choice has the same energy but is just being directed differently? How is that not more attractive to you? But many women who actually come across a good man they may like, will still over look him if the other option seems to be more "attractive", and looks don't even have to play a part in any of this.


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  • Looks actually are important. So is chemistry. A guy can be really nice but that doesn't mean he will gel with your personality or you'll feel attraction. I think the amount of guys that are truly bad guys are highly exaggerated. There are far more average nice guys than bad boys so I doubt many women go for so many bad boys all the time. Also the perception that a guy who has a bit more attitude and confidence must be some asshole is also a bit silly. A guy can have bad boy qualities but still be a nice guy too. It doesn't have to be one extreme or another.


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  • Yeah it is. It require him to be born in a happy environment. But something beatiful things grow on the side of road.


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