Guys, who can help me succeed with women? For real this time?

Ok so I've not been getting the results I want with the women I want. I'm on 5 different dating sites/apps, and have been experiencing recurring results: complete loss of interest on the females parts. I've had several face to face dates, and I seem to get great response rates, but they always seem to lose interest (notably and typically due to the advances of another man).
This question ONLY pertains to those of you who are successful with women (I wouldn't mind just bedding some of these girls, but I'm also open to a real relationship, so let's say I'd just like a general idea as it pertains to attraction).
What's the best and most concise summation you can give me regarding exactly how to create the "Spark" during an online and later face to face interaction?
How do I initiate real attraction instead of getting friend zoned?


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  • "How do I initiate real attraction instead of getting friend zoned?"
    Be #bold and #funny man and the girl will never get tired of ya man (more than likely).

  • The best way to get a woman interested is to be the biggest idiot you can be. It's really quite simple. Western women have the brains of a chicken and logic does not apply. Just be an ass hole and you'll be just fine.

    • So sad how that's true. I can't stand dumb girls who like being abused but for some reason if I pretend I'm a red neck idiot in public some red neck girl turns around and starts talking to me. I have to explain I was kidding about the racism and homophobia.

  • Sounds like you're trying too hard to push something that can't be pushed, and they're picking up on that. People want you to be interested in them for who they are. I don't use any dating sites or apps and just pick up on girls that are nice to me in daily life.

    • I don't disagree totally with your first point, but I'm not meeting anyone in my dating life.
      That's why in online.

    • The only trick I use. And it's not a trick necessarily to the women but more myself. I tend to talk to girls while pretending they're geriatric old women. Or just people I'm not immediately attracted to. I think I treat them a little differently, and I have less worry whether or not they like me. But the result is I think girls tend to be more real or forward with me. Or somehow crawl out of the woodwork for my attention... not always but it's happened quite unexpectedly. Some girl I'm just talking to normally at a Halloween party up and jumps on my lap.

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