Guys, Build your perfect woman! ?

I know looks are not everything, but if you had to choose exactly what your woman looked like... have fun. Choose one from each category and describe as much as you want (ex. instead of just choosing 'blonde' explain which shade of blonde... dirty blonde? platinum blonde?).

Hair color: blonde, brown, black, red, other
Hair shape: straight, wavy, curly
Eye color: brown, blue, green, hazel, other?
Skin tone: super pale, light, lightly tan, golden, brown, black
Height: extremely tiny, petite, average height, taller, really tall (I like them long legs!) (you can specify you ideal height, ex. 5"4, or give a range)
Any features that you would want? Prominent cheekbones, a round face, large eyes, full lips, dimples, long fingers, pretty collarbones, arched eyebrows, etc. Mention any of the above or add your own.

Feel free to include anything else you would include in your ideal woman (not personality or hobby related though, strictly looks).

GIRLS build what you think would be the prettiest WOMAN.

How could I forget this one:

Boob size: tiny, small, medium, large, XXXL
Boobs shape: perky, pointy, round, etc.
None of the girls have given me a good answer... I knew I should have just asked for guy's opinions.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hair color: beach blonde
    Hair shape: wavy
    Eye color: blue
    Skin tone:light/lightly tan
    Height: 5"0 to 5"4
    Large eyes. Oh beautiful eyes make me melt.. I love staring into them as i talk to her.
    Amazing figure... Nice ass obtained by squatting
    Healthy weight... Flat stomach would be just amazing.
    Soft hands and skin
    Healthy glow
    Zero piercings except ears.
    Cute nose. Small just cute haha
    White teeth
    Oh and a candy like smell..
    A happy looking face. (Not bitch face)

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    • In that period you will find someone who matches your ideal list. You get what you focus on in life. If your reading that everyday your focused on it.

    • Interesting, the idea makes sense but not sure about how it would work with dating. Lol. I can focus as much as I want but it doesn't mean someone will magically show up. Anyway, I certainly hope I meet someone. And I wish you the best as well. :)

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  • I think Indian girls are really pretty.


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  • I'd just build you

  • She'd have to be a petite girl around 6 ft, very slim size 18, perfectly perky saggy tits, long tanned white legs, hazel blue eyes, blonde dark hair, plucked bushy eyebrows and a very natural look with lots of make up...

    I tried but just couldn't make my mind up :-\ :-P

  • A typical Latina with long straight hair and a really nice ass and be about a 12-14w

  • Hair Color: Natural Red or dyed any exotic colors
    Hair Shape: Short, but wrapped in a bun on the back. Or any crazy punkish style with an undercut.
    Eye Color: Blue, Green, Hazel
    Skin Tone: White or Tanned
    Height: Between 5'6" - 6'2"
    Breast Size: Petite
    Butt Shape / Size: Bubbly, like the ass of a woman who squats a lot.
    Body Type: Athletic with some muscle tone.
    Features: Freckles, Piercings, Tattoos, Deep womanly, confident voice.

  • Hair color: any
    Hair shape: short shouders, neck or less
    Eye color: any
    Skin tone: super pale, light, lightly tan, golden, brown
    Height: extremely tiny, petite, average height, taller 1,70 cm

    Boob size: tiny, small, medium
    Boobs shape: any

    Butt: tiny, small, medium

    Everything else: tiny, small, medium

    • Skinny, or chubby

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    • I agree. We don't know what we're looking for until we find it (typically. some people might only date their "types"). I knew a guy who was obsessed with petite blondes but ended up falling in love with a tall brunette <3

    • lolooo nice one

  • And nothing about personality, culture, intelligence? I don't want a Barbie or other bimbo.

    • Like I said, this is strictly looks. Trust me I know how much personality matters. I was just curious about guys preferences and you can't tell me looks don't matter at all (they do, even if subconsciously). No need to be rude.

  • Ok I can write a novel for this but ill make it simple. Her looks, Lisa Ann. She needs to have wings, cute horns and a cute tail. Basically a succubus.

  • Blonde/Brunette/Red (Blondies do score more points doe)
    Straight or wavy
    Any color
    5'9 or above
    34DDs or more
    Big ass

    • The only person who's done what I asked so far! Thanks.

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    • And how that matter?:-p She can be 69'69 I'd still be bigger one :p ha

    • Not saying it matters, I was just curious what your height was compared to your preferred female height.

  • Hair -brown
    Eyes- brown or hazel
    Skin- golden to brown range
    Height- 5'5-5'9
    Features -full lips
    Umm... hair? Like sideburns (sexy AF) and arm hair. I don't know I'm weird sorry

    • Wow, I really like your answers! I think brunettes are so pretty (why are a lot of guys obsessed with blondes?).

      Are you serious about the sideburns thing? Ahahaha! I actually shave my sideburns because I was told they weren't "feminine" and I was really self-conscious about them... I also shave my arms... :P I guess everyone has their fetishes, some might be weirder than others that's all. ;)

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    • We just kinda grew apart I guess. She's trying to be distant so I don't like her but it was a bit too distant. Let's just say I have a lot of problems. I literally had no friends other than her. I guess it made me too clingy.

    • Sorry I'd rather not talk about it anymore

  • Random

  • i would like a personality description but ok. probably brunette. hazel or green eyes. busty. kinda nice body. meaning not much excess fat in the improper places. preferably an hourglass with nice hips and butt.

    • I'll do a personality one next :) I'm interested to see what guys have to say about that. Thanks for answering anyway.

  • Blonde
    Straight hair
    Blue eyes
    Lightly tan skin
    5"8 long legs
    A little curvy with medium size boobs and every where between her eyebrows and toes is clean shaved /waxed.


What Girls Said 4

  • there's no such thing as black, dark brown would be better.

    • Well, by brown I meant more Indian toned and by black I meant African American... both are beautiful <3

  • This is sad... Why do they need to DECIDE their attraction

  • Yay, this is becoming "build-a-bitch". com. 😛

    Just kidding but seriously, the possibilities are endless.

  • The combinations are endless. It's like building a character in a game, I can spend hours just creating one. But there are so many options!

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