Older guys, is age 27 datable? desiriable yet? (ask guys 35+)?

i am 26, but in half a year will turn 27... and i broke up with my boyfriend recently, which i was dating for 3 years and now single again...
but i will be 27... seems like not fun age... Though i look young, like teenager still.
Older guys (35+) do u find age 27 for girl to be datable or not? u consider it old already and not attractive?


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  • I can't speak for all older guys, and I'm 3 months shy of the minimum age requirement (34 at the moment), but personally my ideal age for attraction, not just in terms of body but also maturity, personality, etc., would be around there: 27-29. I don't think that will change much over the subsequent few years.

    I'm married so I'm talking fantasy realm only.

    Maybe it's because it's still plenty young enough to have children, yet old enough to have kind of gotten out of that high school and university mindset, but young enough to do strenuous outgoing physical activities together, and maybe not so serious yet as to lose a crude sense of humor.

    "but i will be 27... seems like not fun age..."

    As for this part, that's crazy talk. My craziest and wildest time of my life was mid-late 20s. You should be going out there and having fun, making friends, etc.


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